sinukwan at salcedo market

Re-Live the Sinukwan Fever!

Watch SLRians Perform!

21 June 2008
Salcedo Village Saturday Market

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i was actually excited when it was announced that the Sinukwan 2007 Champions will perform on june 21, 2008 at the Salcedo Village Saturday Market.  i can’t help but be proud of my students as they once again display their talents in front of a crowd. more so, since they will perform in one of the prime locations in the city of makati.

i was thinking of excusing myself from my saturday classes in order to join the group, but unfortunately, i can’t… it is our first meeting and somehow, i know, in gradschool, first impression is very much important.

so i’m quite bitter disappointed for not being there with them when they show kapampangan talent at its best. but anyway, i asked some of my colleagues to take photos and videos of the show.  i’ll be posting some shots here on my next entry. :p


amazing magicJack…

i am ecstatic and sooper excited when my dad told me that my uncle would be bringing the “gadget” which was supposed to make overseas calls (to the US and Canada) free. i thought, ah… the voip thingie… and told him that that’s just easy stuff… you can do that on the net even without any special gadget.

well, i was wrong. i was surprised when he came a while ago and brought this small rectangular-shaped thing (it actually looked like an mp3 player – those which can be bought around Php 1k; and a usb flash drive – the bigger models). i was kinda apprehensive to try it coz it doesn’t look techie. but when he plugged it on my pc, walla! it automatically downloaded its installer and installed itself.


My MagicJack
so there it goes, it was installed. we tried calling some of our friends and relatives in the US and Canada. i was amazed with the reception. what is even more amazing is that the calls we make are free! now i can make chizmiz 24/7! but wait, there’s more! if i go to another location, i can easily plug it on my laptop or on any other pc with net (broadband, dsl, cable, wifi, wimax) and then make my calls.

i’m really really happy with this stuff – The MagicJack. and it was just given to me 5 hours ago! hafta post this now coz i have a lot of peeps to call!


new jumpers…

yay! i got some new kicks to start 2008! 

these shoes – new balance – are comfy and they were given to me, for free! i can’t ask for more! uhm… except next time can i request for the nike shox! :op thanks unc! till my next shoes!

my new kicks!

another failed attemp…

i’ve seen this before. i’ve heard this before. yeah… yeah… it’s just another attempt in order to destabilize the country. again.

i’m really having a hard time comprehending trillanes’ group. first, there was the oakwood mutiny. then today, once again, it’s the same thing all over again. although, this time, they made use of another location – the manila pen.

these people constantly condemns the government. i get their point. they want changes. but their methods of changing the government kinda sucks. does it always have to be a “kudeta”? is this the only way to change our government? after a number of failed attempts by different groups, when will they ever learn?

it’s a sad reality for our country that these things happen. politicians rarely does what they have to do. instead, they just talk and talk. they use words. but what use can we get from these words, when they are just a bunch of fake promises? what we really need is commitment and action from these people.

ok. so action it is. and they acted out their beliefs by taking over a hotel. even to the point of having a standoff.

then there is this media problem. well, not really a problem but rather a situation. they were asked to go out of the hotel but they refused. why? of course it’s a good story. imagine being able to experience the the heat of the moment? wow. that is a media practitioner’s limelight. and that is good because everything is being presented to the people through their cameras and equipment. however, the downside of this is that the media men were used as shield from the onslaught of military people.

and so they made a statement that they will surrender because of what the media people have been through (tear gas and all…). but i think that is not the reason behind their surrender. actually, they have no way out. and just so they would not appear as stupid children, they made use of the media as reason.

change can never be attained overnight. it cannot be done by condemning the present government. it’s not just the president’s fault that the country is in turmoil. it’s not the president’s fault that there is corruption. she may have been involved with a number of questionable deals and affairs, but she’s not the first one to get involved in graft and corruption. please do not forget that our previous government officials have also committed similar
acts and they were not given ample punishment.

as ordinary people, we can probably help in changing our country by being responsible filipino people. we may only do so much but at least we try to make a difference.


some days to go…

it will be december in a few days, and i am already counting the days till the 25th. woohoo! it’s christmas! and even at my age, i still wait for the midnight and wish everyone a merry one!

right now, although i’m anticipating the day, i don’t feel that excited as before.  this time, there might never be enough gifts to give, money to share… sad, i know. coz this time, this year, i am really nothing and really worth nothing.

hah! how i wish right now i am working. but sad to say i am not. well, it might be my fault actually coz i gave up the job i have for the past six years. come to think of it, i’m not happy right now with my decision. it’s as if i am having this withdrawal from an addiction–work. i know others might find it weird. but getting used to working and then eventually stopping kinda sucks. but i badly need the break. i felt burned out so i said goodbye.

in a few days (the 30th of november to be exact), i am supposed to receive my 13th month pay. take note: supposed. whew! sayang ang 13th month! and comes the 21st of december, sayang ang bonus!

who is stupid enough to pass on a month’s worth of salary without even working? who is stupid enough to pass on a whopping 5 grand for a bonus?! woot! woot! damn, it’s me!

now that i had several months to ponder on my stupidity, it actually began when i felt being left behind… when i let my personal feelings and emotions be a part of my better judgment. my having resigned was rooted to personal vendetta ( ?) and actually to the fear of… uhm… i can’t really explain… but it’s a fear. and i guess my wanting to be free from an environment that is surrounded by family.

in the 28 years of my existence, i never felt so free from family entanglements. it’s always there’s someone, a family-slash-relative is always on the horizon. i need space. i need freedom so that i can move. and being constantly nagged is really getting into me. sometimes, i have this feeling that i am afraid to move on, or go my own way. i don’t like it. i feel so little. it’s like my existence is nil.

so now, i sit here, looking outside in our humble home, looking back at the wasted months, looking at a possible spark of the future. i see a white butterfly flying around in front of me… wishing i could be one… so carefree… so pure… as i type aways words that best describe my current thoughts, i start counting the days till i can fly on my own…


before i say goodbye…

whew! just two more days and it will be over!

in two days time, my work status will finally change! from being officially employed to being officially unemployed—a bum for that matter. others might think that it’s my decision, but hey, can you blame me for wanting to be free from what i do right now? God knows i tried. as in really really tried to love my work, but you can’t help but reach the point where you cannot go on anymore. i have been patiently doing my job, accepting it as fate. but nonetheless, there is still something that i am looking for. i am happy in a way coz i love and value my friends. but happiness doesn’t change the fact that i am not for this job. so finally, i decided to stop and clear my head for a while. i believe that if you are not happy with what you are doing, then better stop as soon as you realize it coz it will not do you good.

i want to try working on another field. like something that would make use of my talent (i am talentado!). i want to experience the thrill of working for something that you really like. well, now is the time… after a few days (or weeks….) of rest and relaxation, i plan on looking for the thrill of my life. hopefully, this time, i’m gonna land a job that would fulfill my ultimate fantasy! hah!

any job offers around? don’t hesitate to comment on this post! Ü


kapampangan cu!



the long wait of Capampangans is over. Among ED won. a new pampanga is born!


i was there when it happened— the final count, the proclamation.


emotions were high. it looks like a typical gathering of people, but it isn’t. it’s a gathering of hardcore capampangans who went out of their way in to support the cause of having a change of government. parang EDSA ang dating.


i was teary-eyed when the crowd started to chant AMONG ED repeatedly and was followed by the singing of the song Kapampangan Ku. nakakapangilabot. i felt everyone’s happiness especially when it was announced that Among Ed bested Lilia Pineda by 1147 votes. gosh!


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